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The 10 most toxic plants for dogs and cats

Over their evolution, plants have developed numerous toxic agents to protect themselves from being eaten; many of these substances are..

Which conditions are urgent?

Every condition which requires immediate and intensive veterinary care can be designated as an “emergency”. This is a condition which..

What you need to know and check regularly with your cat

Normal cats’ behavior and Subtle Signs of Sickness Your cat is a unique individual and while it is nice to..

Feline asthma

What is asthma? Asthma is a chronic inflammatory process of the bronchi and bronchioles. It is a type of allergic..

Why is dental health of pets important?

Dental health is a very important part of the overall health care of your pet. Dental problems may lead to..

What is toxoplasmosis? How to protect ourselves and domestic kitten?

Who is the causative agent of toxoplasmosis? This is a widespread parasitic disease caused by a single celled parasite Toxoplasma..

Chronic renal failure – questions and answers

Chronic kidney disease is common in pets middle to old age, especially in cats. In animals with such disease, kidney..

Why is it important measurement of blood pressure in our pets?

The blood pressure: Blood pressure is one of the four basic life indicator (internal body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate..

Entropion in cat

The entropion is inverting of the edges of the eyelids to inside. It is not typical for cats, but when..

Syndrome of the falling cats

When summer comes many owners eagerly open their windows to enjoy the good weather. Unfortunately they unknowingly exposing the animal..

What is laryngeal paralysis?

Laryngeal paralysis is a condition that prevents the opening of the larynx (opening the tracheal tube) during breathing, which leads..

What is brachycephalic syndrome?

The brachycephalic syndrome (BTSS) is a combination of abnormalities of the upper respiratory tract in dogs, which leading to partial..

Are there certain foods that we should not give to our dog?

There are a lot of foods in large quantities, and some even in small, would be a potential hazard to..

What are the symptoms of acute poisoning and how to react?

Because of the wide range of effects caused by the ingestion of the poison, the identification of such a patient..

What are the most common signs that our pet is sick?

The first thing we should notice is the change in its behavior – it is subdued, it prefers to lie..

Do we need to take special care during pregnancy of our dog/ cat?

The period of pregnancy and lactation in female dogs and cats requires special assistance, especially in terms of nutrition, use..

Why should we neuter our pet?

Early castration of females, i.e. before the first oestrus (about 6 months), there are a number of advantages for your..

What is Dirofilariasis? How can we protect our dog?

Dirofilariasis is a parasitic disease widespread in the world! The infected species are dog, cat, ferret, fox, wolf, seal horse…

What is the right age to put the first vaccine to newborn puppies and kittens?

The standard immunization program for puppies include: – The first vaccine – 45th to 50th day; – Second vaccine –..

At what age is performed first deworming newborn puppies and kittens?

Newborn puppies and kittens must be at least 4 weeks of age to be dewormed against parasites. In our clinic..