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Do we need to take special care during pregnancy of our dog/ cat?

The period of pregnancy and lactation in female dogs and cats requires special assistance, especially in terms of nutrition, use of medication and the change of habits.

From the fourth week of coverings gradually until the sixth week, the amount of food increased by 20% -25%. At the eighth – ninth week of pregnancy and the first – four week of breastfeeding, it increased by 50%. From the fourth week of lactation daily ration of food is progressively reduced. Besides the quantity, it’s important the food should be quality and high-calorie. Suitable food are these for growing puppies of relevant breed and on the recommendation of the doctor of your animal. As a food supplement you can include cooked liver 2-3 times per week. In the last week of pregnancy, especially in multiple pregnancies, the frequency of feeding should be increased. The aim is to avoid the compression in the abdominal cavity of too full stomach.

It is necessary to avoid treatment with medicaments from the 3rd to the 30th day after fertilization. Some medicaments can cause abortion, and the other – permanent changes of the fetus. Basic supplements that can be used are vitamin B complex, calcium supplements, but their prescription must be made by a veterinarian. If you need to made annual vaccination, it can be placed at the end of the first month of pregnancy.

It is recommended daily walks to be carried out on a leash, especially after 4-6 weeks of the fertilization.