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Sofia” veterinary clinic has a new videootoscopy equipment. It provides the opportunity for proper diagnostics, manipulations, therapies, surgery and monitoring of diseases of the external and middle ear.

To ensure the best possible cares for every animal, we are convinced that the owner needs to understand very well the study itself, the way of diagnosis, the pathological changes that have been identified and the results achieved. Thats why, one of the most important advantages of videootoscopy is the observation of the image at the same time by both the physician and the owner.

What can be done with this еxamination and its benefits:

  • Precise video preview of the external ear channel to the level of the tympanic membrane;
  • Much more accurate material sampling for cytological, pathological and microbiological research;
  • Precise removal of foreign bodies;
  • Historical video tracking of the effect of the therapy and the healing process;
  • More precise surgery on the middle and external ear.