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What are the most common signs that our pet is sick?

The first thing we should notice is the change in its behavior – it is subdued, it prefers to lie down, doesnt want to go for a walk. According to the affected organs it could be a change in appetite – increased, decreased or refuse to eat, sometimes vomits. There is diarrhea or constipation? Change can be observed in water intake – thirst or total refusal, and from here – change in urination, quantity and color, pain when urinating.

A characteristic feature of skin diseases is the itch, fragility and loss of hair shine. Occurrence of scab, dandruff, hair loss and baring skin to ulceration of itching.

Upon musculoskeletal disorders can be observed change in posture, and the loading of the limbs, to varying degrees lameness, a muscle spasm, a change in the mobility of the joint and the occurrence of pain. Lack of cheerfulness, drowsiness, aggression and agitation, stiffness of the legs, seizures, loss of sensation in certain areas of the body, as well as other indications would have been our indicator for neurological problems.

The items listed here in no way exhausts the possible signs of any disease. We advise our customers in no case, to not try to apply by themselves treatment on their pet. If you suspect that it is not feeling well for some reason, immediately seek veterinary care.