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Surgical treatment of feline entropium

This is the case of Lachko. He  is a cat of eight years and came to our clinic with a complaint that for about one year there is a problem with the eyes. Constantly keeps them parted and collects a large amount of secretions.

There was previous treatment with medication, but with only a temporary improvement. After a detailed ophthalmological examination + staining with fluorescein we detected the presence of blepharospasm, surface corneal injury and perverted third eyelids inside. The condition is called entropion and is predominantly seen in certain breeds of dogs, but rarely occurs in cats. Read more here.

For cats the most characteristic the entropion begins as spasmodic, result of an painful ocular condition (such as corneal ulcer for example), which if granted could become permanent. That was the case with Lachko.

As drug therapy in this case was without satisfactory results and the problem was a big lapse, after a detailed explanation of the state of Lachko, owners agreed and we undertook surgical correction of both eyelid.

We used Hotz-Celsus technique with removal of skin paw close to the eyelid. Here the most important is the assessment of how much skin needs to be cut so that the eyelid returns to its normal position without producing the opposite problem (ektropion). The maximum size of the removed skin is about 5-6mm in the widest part of the ellipse. If only a small part of the eyelid is affected- using only Y-V technique can give very good results.

Lachko immediately after surgery

The  occurrence of edema and swelling in the area of operation is normal, and it subsequently disappears. After the surgical correction of entropion, Lachko was sent home with a mandatory safety collar with which he remained until the final removal of the stitches (10 to 14 days). The treatment for corneal ulcers and inflamed conjunctiva continued home.

After strict compliance with the requirements and several control reviews, after 10 days Lachko was brought for removal of the stitches. The locations of the adjustments are healed very well, conjunctiva is calm, the cornea is healthy, eyelids are normal for their position and do not irritate the cornea.

We thank Lachko for being extremely obedient and calm patient,  assisting us till the end for his good recovery!