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I want to express my great admiration for the professionalism and mostly, for the true love toward animals, that is initial part of the feeling you get in veterinary clinic „Sofia”. I am very thankful to d-r Djambazov for the humanity and patience to answer to all my questions. If everybody done their job in such a way, we would live in a better world. Thank you! You won me and my animal with your attitude!

Ann Blake

Great team of young professionals! They have very special attitude toward animals, share any information, you need and is important to you. The clinic is very well equipped. My cat needed an eye surgery and they did a great job!

Momchil Stepanov

I am very pleased from the team, working in veterinary clinic „Sofia”, especially from d-r Kraynev. In June, last year, my cat was going to die, due to a wrong diagnosis and treatment of another doctor. I left him in the clinic, in the hands of d-r Kraynev, and now he is healthy at our home.

The doctor is a great professional and I recommend him to everyone in need. The team is young and I am sure that they’ll gain experience and knowledge under the guidance of d-r Kraynev. Thank you!

Veneta Stoyanova

The best clinic in Sofia is veterinary clinic “Sofia” !!!
Capable, knowledgeable, good, sunny and clean in their relationship to patients and their owners!
Love of animals is one of the strongest traits that make up the character of your clinic!
Hygiene …  –  I have not seen like it in any other clinic and hospital …
With great gratitude to Dr. Krainev and the entire team of veterinary clinic “Sofia” –
Freya, Attila, Mika and fam. Kyulumovi love you and trust you completely!

Fam. Kyulumovi

I thank Dr. Miroslav Krainev for the care and incredible attitude to our labrador. The attention that he separates us whenever we visit it is rare, or rather we have not come across a doctor who is so much loving to its patients and so understandable to talk about problems and their solution. Thanks! 🙂

Iliana Zhoteva

I have not gone there yet because I’m abroad, but I know doctors and I know how they are caring for the animals!
Especially Dr. Miroslav Krainev!
Years ago, he took care of my dog, which is with an autoimmune disease. Love and attention which surrounds patients.
Well, Dr. Krainev, Piri is still alive … survived over 10 years!!!
I wish you with all my heart much success and many patients.
And we will surely visit you when we are in Bulgaria! Success!

Teodora Zhecheva

This is the best veterinary clinic in Sofia! Beautiful young professionals who love animals and know what to do with their patients! They treat my dog for years and I am terribly happy! Hygiene is a cosmic level and I dare say that this is the cleanest place in Sofia, wherever I was! I strongly recommend Dr. Krainev and Dr. Dzhambazov!

Nadya Atanasova

The best clinic with the best veterinarians! Special thanks to Dr. Krainev. Thank you for your attention and care! 🙂

Nicole Radeva

PEOPLE in the clinic have huge and good hearts and are wonderful professionals!!!

Maya Petrova

You are wonderful!!!! Thank you for all you do!!!

Raina Kosovska

Best vet clinic in Bulgaria – kind doctors and exceptional service!

Anelia Vasileva

The best professionals! Thanks for caring about my rabbit!

Elitsa Hristova

Very good clinic with good veterinarians with big hearts !!! It is important to be human, and you are really ones! Thank you for all you have done for me and my pets. I wish you much success in the future! 🙂
I recommend this clinic!

Dalia Stoyanova

We have two dogs and a cat who regularly visit a veterinary clinic Sofia.
We count on the team and especially Dr. Milev for more than two years and have always been nurtured with care, warmth and professionalism.In addition, sometimes we have to seek their help in overtime, but the team responds quickly whether it’s a holiday and in which part of the day looking for them – always willing to address, although our worries for dogs and cat could be unfounded.
Thank infinitely of the team of Dr. Milev and recommend them to anyone who keep good care of their pet.

Fam. Penchevi, Jack, Rocco and Naya

I have two Siamese cats and they are an inseparable part of my family, which I try to give the best of myself in caring for them.
In veterinary clinic Sofia I found friends whose mission and philosophy of animal care matches my requirements.
I recommendthem to everyone.

Ralitsa Kornazova