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The Team

Dr Dimitar Dzhambazov
Dr. Dimitar Dzhambazov

He is born on 15th of October,1989 in Sofia. He graduated from veterinary medicine at the University of Forestry in Sofia in 2015. Since the beginning of his studies he worked as a trainee doctor in a veterinary office “Artus.” After that he continues his professional development in veterinary clinic “Doiran.”

His professional interests are in the fields of imaging with a focus on ultrasound, exotic animals and soft tissue surgery.

He has participated in numerous conferences and seminars for small animals and CPD (Continuous professional development) courses. In 2014 ends practical course on abdominal ultrasound.

He is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (BASAV).

He is proud owner of airedale terrier Jesse, Pesho the cat, whole aquarium and ornamental fish beta Lazar.

I love veterinary medicine, because it is an art that inspires me and learns me constantly. It helps me to inspire people around me.

Tihomir Petrov

He is born on 23rd of August in Kneja. He is a veterinary medicine student at the University of Forestry, Sofia. He has worked as a trainee doctor in veterinary clinic “Vip Vet”.

His professional interests are in the field of soft tissue surgery and internal non-communicable diseases.

My passion for veterinary medicine comes from the idea of helping animals, as they are better creatures than us, people.