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Price List

Primary examination 20 BGN
Each subsequent examination 10 BGN
Consultation/Second opinion20-40 BGN
Specialized examination /orthopedic, neurological etc./30-40BGN
Examination in non-business hours30 BGN
Year vaccine 50 BGN
Vaccines Intervet, Merial - all50 BGN
Vaccine Pure Vax RCP 50 BGN
Vaccine Pure Vax FeLV50 BGN
Vaccine Pure Vax RCPCHFeLV 70 BGN
A vaccine for rabbits Pestorin and Castorex30 BGN
A vaccine for rabies (mono)40 BGN
A vaccine for rabies Pure Vax 50 BGN
A vaccine for kennel cough (CC)55 BGN
Issuance of a standard passport10 BGN
Issuance /renewal European Union pet passport25 BGN
Inserting a microchip 50 BGN

All vaccine procedures include primary examination

Outwardly5-10 BGN
Internal10-15 BGN
Externally with detergent /fipronil spray/10-30 BGN
Removing a mite12 BGN

The price of the procedure does not include cost of the medicament

Hospitalization up to 4 hrs20-40 BGN
Hospitalization up to 12 hrs40-90 BGN
Hospitalization up to 24 hrs50-120 BGN
Emergency care at entrance50-100 BGN
Intensive care for 12-hour block 80-160 BGN
Oxygen supply /per hour/10 BGN
Emergency resuscitation in cardiopulmonary block:
- small dogs/ cats
- medium dogs
- large dogs
50-80 BGN
80-100 BGN
100-150 BGN
Blood transfusion - whole blood, dog100-150 BGN
Blood transfusion - whole blood, cat80-100 BGN
Inserting a nasal catheter oxygen supply10-30 BGN
Placing a central venous catheter80-100 BGN
Placing a chest tube80-120 BGN
Inserting peripheral venous catheter15-20 BGN
System - bank 15 BGN
System - bank - infusion pomp25 BGN
Colloid /5 ml/1 BGN
Fluids subcutaneously 30-50 BGN
Fluid with an infusion pump /without medication/25 BGN
Subcutaneous/ intramuscular injection5 BGN
Intravenous injection10 BGN
Giving medication orally10-15 BGN
Blood collection15-20 BGN
Doppler measurement of blood pressure30 BGN
Measurement of inside eye pressure /one eye/15 BGN
Schirmer’s test for lacrimal secretion /one eye/10 BGN
Florescine test /one eyes/10 BGN
Inhalation /twice a day/40 BGN
Bandage/ splint - Level 120-30 BGN
Bandage/ splint - Level 230-40 BGN
Bandage/ splint - Level 340-60 BGN
Bandage/ splint - Level 460-80 BGN
Cleaning the ears20-40 BGN
Cleaning the anal glands 15-30 BGN
Washing the anal glands30-40 BGN
Washing the prepuce/ vagina10-20 BGN
Cutting the nails 15 BGN
Cutting teeth 30 BGN
Suture removal15-30 BGN
Washing ears * 30-80 BGN
Removal of foreign body from the paw *20-50 BGN
Removal of foreign body from ear * 20-50 BGN
Removal of foreign body from nose * 50-80 BGN
Removal of foreign body from the eye * 20-50 BGN
Processing of abscess * 50-80 BGN
Processing abscess - rabbit * 50-80 BGN
Cystocentesis 20-40 BGN
Inserting urinary catheter of male 20 BGN
Inserting urinary catheter of female 30BGN
Enema - dog 40-80 BGN
Enema - cat40-60 BGN
Puncture of the joint 30-60 BGN
Abdominocentesis - diagnostic30 BGN
Abdominocentesis - therapeutic 80-100 BGN
Thoracentesis - diagnostic 40 BGN
Thoracentesis - therapeutic 60-100 BGN
Pericardiocentesis 100-200 BGN
Cleaning of tartar with scaler - first degree * 60 BGN
Cleaning of tartar with scaler - second degree *70 BGN
Cleaning of tartar with scaler - third degree *80 BGN
Cleaning of tartar with scaler - fourth degree * 80-100 BGN
Polishing teeth after tartar cleaning *20-50 BGN
Extraction of milk canine teeth *80-100 BGN
Extraction of milk canine teeth /surgical method/ *100-200 BGN
Extraction of milk tooth *20-50 BGN
Extraction of permanent tooth /surgical method/ *50-100 BGN
Extraction of permanent tooth *20-30 BGN
Extraction of permanent tooth /surgical method/ *20-50 BGN
Gingival plastics in gingival hyperplasia *50-200 BGN
Gingival plastics in periodontal therapy *50-100 BGN
Subgingival curettage in periodontal cavities *30-100 BGN
Coronal amputation in FORL *50-100 BGN
Antiseptic treatment of oral cavity *20-50 BGN
Cutting teeth - rodents *20-40 BGN

The price of the procedure does not include the cost of a peripheral venous catheter insertion and anesthesia

Sedation30-50 BGN
Induction - Propofol /1 ml/5 BGN
Induction - D/K /1 ml/3 BGN
Epidural anesthesia with Lidocaine 30-70 BGN
Epidural anesthesia with Bupivacaine40-90 BGN
Placement of an epidural catheter70 BGN
Local anesthesia 20 BGN
Venous anesteziya - monitoring/ hour30-50 BGN
Inhalation anesthesia /hour/40 BGN
Anesthesia exotic animals
- Muscle
- Venous
30 BGN
40 BGN
Full package preoperative tests /CBC, Biochemistry - 6 indicators, blood pressure/ *35 BGN
Antisedan /„quick awakening“/ *20-50 BGN
Postoperative analgesia with NSAIDs *15 BGN
Postoperative analgesia with opioids *30 BGN
Epidural analgesia with Lidocaine *30 BGN

* The price of the procedure does not include cost of the medicament

Skin wounds - 1st degree 30 BGN
Skin wounds - 2nd degree 30-50 BGN
Skin wounds - 3rd degree 50-70 BGN
Skin wounds - 4th degree 70-90 BGN
Skin wounds - plastic 100-200 BGN
Removal of skin tumors - 1st degree 80 BGN
Removal of skin tumors - 2nd degree 80-100 BGN
Removal of skin tumors - 3rd degree 100-150 BGN
Removal of skin tumors - 4th degree 150-200 BGN
Cryosurgical removal of benign and malignant skin formations80-120 BGN
Umbilical hernia80-150 BGN
Inguinal, femoral and scrotal hernia 100-200 BGN
Traumatic hernia/ eventration 150-250 BGN
Perineal hernia 150-250 BGN
Perineal tumors 150-300 BGN
Correction of prolapse of the rectum:
- No necrosis
- With necrosis
100-150 BGN
150-250 BGN
Diagnostic laparotomy dog150-200 BGN
Diagnostic laparotomy cat100-150 BGN
Splenectomy dog250-400 BGN
Splenectomy cat 150-300 BGN
Gastrotomy200-250 BGN
Enterotomy200-250 BGN
Enteroanastomosis200-300 BGN
Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) 400-500 BGN
Surgical treatment of peritonitis 200-400 BGN
Hepatic lobectomy 300-500 BGN
Cystotomy150-300 BGN
Inserting a cystotome catheter150-250 BGN
Removal of stones from bladder200-400 BGN
Scrotum urethrostomy dog150-300 BGN
Perineal urethrostomy cat150-250 BGN
Vaginal hyperplasia150-300 BGN
Vaginal tumors150-250 BGN
Testicular tumors100-150 BGN
Prolapse of the vagina/ penis100-200 BGN
Phimosis/ Paraphimosis100-200 BGN
Extirpation of a kidney200-400 BGN
Castration of male dog up to 10 kg 90 BGN
Castration of male dog from 11 to 20 kg 100 BGN
Castration of male dog from 21 to 40 kg150 BGN
Castration of male dog over 40 kg 180 BGN
Castration of female dog up to 15 kg 130 BGN
Castration of female dog from 15 to 25 kg160 BGN
Castration of female dog from 25 to 40 kg200 BGN
Castration of female dog over 40 kg250 BGN
Castration of male cat(final price)110 BGN
Neutering a female cat(finale price)190 BGN
Castration of cryptorchid /labor only/150-250 BGN
Cesarean section - dog150-300 BGN
Caesarean section - cat150-200 BGN
Pyometra - dog250-400 BGN
Pyometra - cat200-300 BGN
Mastectomy - dog200-350 BGN
Mastectomy - cat150-250 BGN

The price of castration procedures does not include cost of an anesthesia, preoperative studies, a peripheral venous catheter insertion and medicaments

Plastics palate 100-150 BGN
Plastics soft palate 150-180 BGN
Oronasal fistula 80-180 BGN
Removal of gingival tumors/and epulis/ 100-200 BGN
Correction entropium / ektropium - unilaterally100-150 BGN
Cherry eyе120-150 BGN
Corneal ulcer - conjunctival paw 100-180 BGN
Sewing eyelids /third/100 BGN
Corneal foreign body 100-150 BGN
Surgical removal of ectopic cilia 60-120 BGN
Perforating cornea100-200 BGN
Tumors of the eyelids 80-150 BGN
Proptosis of the eyeball 150-200 BGN
Enucleation150-200 BGN
Otohematoma80-150 BGN
Healing ear cutting100-150 BGN
Plastics of nostrils 120-170 BGN
Tracheostomy - temporary100-250 BGN
Diaphragmatic hernia 400-800 BGN
Fractures of the finger 150-200 BGN
Fracture - metacarpus - dog/ cat 150-200 BGN
Fracture - metatarsus - dog/ cat150-200 BGN
Simphysiodesis of lower jaw 150 BGN
Osteotomy of the femoral head 250-400 BGN
Fractures of the lower jaw 200-400 BGN
Fractures of the upper jaw 250-400 BGN
Fractures - carpametacarpal250-400 BGN
Fractures - tarsus250-400 BGN
Fractures - ulna250-400 BGN
Montego fracture 300-500 BGN
Fractures - radius 250-500 BGN
Fractures - humerus 250-500 BGN
Fractures – scapula:
- body and crest
- cervix
- joint /glenoid/
250-300 BGN
300-400 BGN
400-500 BGN
Fracture - tibia/ femur250-500 BGN
Femoral neck or intercondillar /joint/500 BGN
Fracture - pelvis: Ilium - screws, cerclage 250-400 BGN
Fracture - pelvis: Ilium - plate, bone cement250-500 BGN
Fracture - pelvis: Acetabulum350-600 BGN
Fracture - pelvis: Ilium and acetabulum 450-600 BGN
Fracture - pelvis: Sacroiliac separation 250-500 BGN
Fractures of the ribs, chest lid250-500 BGN
Simphysiodesis pelvis /corrective osteotomy/300-400 BGN
Dislocation of hip - closed adjusting80-150 BGN
Dislocation of hip - operational adjustments 400-600 BGN
Dislocation of the tarsus - artificial links 300-500 BGN
Torn Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL): artificial link:
- 15 kg patient
- patients over 15 kg
- patients over 50 kg
- with meniscectomy
200 BGN
300 BGN
500 BGN
+100 BGN
Dislocation of the patella 200-700 BGN
Restoration of tendons 200-500 BGN
Dislocation of the elbow joint - closed adjusting50-80 BGN
Dislocation of the elbow joint - operational adjustments 200-400 BGN
Pancarpal arthrodesis - carpametacarpal joint 300-500 BGN
Partially arthrodesis - carpametacarpal joint250-300 BGN
Pantarzal arthrodesis - tarsus300-500 BGN
Partially arthrodesis - tarsus250-300 BGN
Elbow arthrodesis 500-600 BGN
Amputation of a finger80-150 BGN
Amputation of chest/ pelvic limb - cat150-250 BGN
Amputation of chest/ pelvic limb - dog150-300 BGN

The price of the orthopedic surgeries may vary according to the complexity of the procedures, the duration of the anesthesia and the choice of implants

Myelography /using foreign X-ray/200-250 BGN
Ventral slot 400-900 BGN
Hemilaminektomy400-900 BGN
Dorsal laminectomy400-900 BGN
Vertebral fractures 400-900 BGN
Compression fractures using bone cement400-900 BGN
Korpektomy with stabilization400-900 BGN
Complete blood count25 BGN
Biochemical indicators /1 indicator/5 BGN
Standard panel /CBC + Bioch. - 8 indicators/40 BGN
Expanded panel /CBC + complete Bioch./50 BGN
Preoperative panel /CBC + Bioch. - 6 indicators/ 35 BGN
Preoperative blood clotting time10 BGN
Collecting cerebrospinal fluid 80-150 BGN
Blood smear - differential blood count /DBC/ 30 BGN
Counting of reticulocytes40 BGN
Agglutination test 10 BGN
Morphological analysis of erythrocytes30 BGN
Analysis of Anemia /CBC, DBC, protein, reticulocytes,
morphology of erythrocytes, agglutination test, number and
morphology of platelets/
100 BGN
Counting of platelets 10 BGN
Glucose with glucometer 15 BGN
Glucose curve50-100 BGN
Urine examination - test strip and refractometer15 BGN
Urine examination - sediment 15 BGN
Urine examination - cytology30 BGN
Fecal examination - native
15 BGN
Fecal examination - coproovoscopy30 BGN
Cytology /Hemacolor and Wright-Giemsa/
30-60 BGN
Pathohistological examination abroad150 BGN
Skin sample 20 BGN
Culture for dermatophytes 35 BGN
Cross - match test for blood transfusion 25 BGN
Serological tests group 1: parvo, distemper, feline leukemia, FeCoV, brucellosis, heartworm (dog and cat), toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis
35 BGN
Serological tests group 2: FiV/FeLV, CDV/CiV, CPV/CCV45 BGN
Serological tests group 3: CPV/ CCV/ Giardia, (Felicheck) FIV/ FeLV / Heartworm cat/, 4 D /anaploasma, erlichia, lyme disease and heartworm/45 BGN
Serological tests group 4: test FPL IDEXX 60 BGN
Fine needle aspiration 80 BGN
Biopsy /ultrasound guided/ 60 BGN
Bone marrow biopsy 100 BGN
Surgical biopsy80-100 BGN
Interpretation of radiographs 20 BGN
Ultrasound - abdominal organs 40-50 BGN
Screening abdominal ultrasonography 30 BGN
Certificate for hip dysplasia130 BGN
Certificate for hip and elbow dysplasia 190 BGN
X-rays series with patellar luxation *100-170 BGN
A certificate of patellar luxation 50 BGN

* The price depends of the patient’s weight and whether the luxation is single or double
The price of all certificates includes specialized orthopedic examination 

Cat60-100 BGN
Dog80-150 BGN

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Cat Hotel15-25 BGN/ 24 hours