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Individual Nutrition Plan with Homemade Food

Have your heard the maxim – “Pets are reflection of human style and way of life”?

Well, our team shares it explicitly. As veterinary doctors we are responsible for the health of your pets and we consider it necessary to share our opinion concerning the best way for them to eat. We believe that the better and healthier nutrition could be achieved by well balanced, homemade food. This is 100 percent true, especially with dogs. With cats, it is way more complicated, because they can’t synthesize some incredibly important, irreplaceable amino acids, which they should get through the food they consume. A good example is – taurine, the deficit of which could lead to serious heart changes and pathology. This is why for cats, those irreplaceable amino acids need to be added separately, which makes the process labor-intensive, but still – not impossible. Our observations in the past 10 years reported a rapid growing percentage of display of diseases as: obesity (now considered as a disease), diabetes, atopy (allergies), food allergies, sharp and chronic pancreatitis, chronic enteritis (immune), cholangiohepatitis, degenerative osseous changes. A big percentage of them are cause by a bad nutrition plan for your pets.

Nowadays the home made food for our little friends is getting popularity. The last edition of the American veterinary association magazine consists of a survey for the home made recipes and diets for cats and dogs, which highlights some of their advantages:

  • The food you prepare at home has the main advantage of being fresh, delicious and prepared with ingredients you actually know.
  • Homemade dog food does not contain preservatives. This is perhaps one of the most valuable health aspects of making your pet’s food at home.

All the recipes that we are going to provide are based on professional and individual surveys and information about your pet. They are going to be made according to the taste it likes, also with healthier conditions, activeness and way of life.

After you insert the required data, you will receive an individual nutrition plan and recipes for homemade food for your dog. The plan itself is going to be prepared by the professionals of veterinary clinic “Sofia”. All the diets are following the information for better and healthier feeding of the American Association for Veterinary Dietology.